DIY: Notebook

DSC_6645Heyo! We all know Twitter has some amazing opportunities hidden in there and recently, the lovely Sophie and I did a topic swap. She gave me the idea to do a DIY, something paper related. I’ve actually been thinking about doing more of these, and once I got thinking, I thought of a lot of fun projects-stayed tune for those! 🙂 The DIY I want to share with you today is making notebooks. they can be any size and are totally customization. Here’s how to do it:DSC_6562Materials:

  • Thin, paper (or whatever you want to use as the filler paper)
  • Cover paper (to use as you know, the cover )
  • Embroidery thread (three-strand is fab for this)
  • Push-pin
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors (optional)


So how does it work? 

1. Pick out your paper! You pick how many pages you want, divide that number by two, and thats how many sheets you need. Pick out a paper for your cover too.
2. Decide your notebook size, then double the width. Cut your chosen paper to that size.DSC_6594DSC_65913. Fold each paper in half, into the size you want it and stack them together. Place your cover (fun side facing down) on the very bottom.DSC_6601DSC_6602 4. Take a ruler and measure 1″ (or a quarter if you’re doing a big one, it’ll probably work) from the bottom and top and mark on the middle crease. Put another mark on the very center of the crease.

5. Poke holes where you put the three marks.
DSC_66076. Thread your needle. (it’s okay, I’ll wait)
7. Now this part can get a little confusing. You still have your papers stacked, flat with the filler paper on top, right? Okay, pull your needle from the top to the bottom (cover side) through the middle  hole. Make sure to leave quite a bit of thread , you’ll need this later.

8. From the outside (cover side) go back through the stack from one of the other holes.
DSC_66229. Then go to the other not-already-used hole.
10.And, finally, go through the middle hole again. you should be where you started.
11. Using what’s left of the the thread and the length you previously left to tie a big knot.
DSC_662612. You’re done! You can decorate and start using it. 🙂

DSC_6665These are quite fun and easy to make and would be perfect for gifts. You can even just include the materials and give it as a DIY kit. Amazing.

DSC_6579I hope you try it! Make sure to send me a photo (@heyirisz on twitter) or leave a comment if you do. Also make sure to check out Sophie’s post with my idea. 



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