resource: studio 404’s blogging 101

January Blogging Tips


You guys, I think I might of found the blogging tips gold mine.  The lovely blog Studio 404 has a fantastic series called Blogging 101

I love it because:

  • Angel ( the blogger) rounds up possibly the best blogging-tips posts out there, every month. 
  • Of the posts she rounds up, I know I will want to read at least one of the posts.
  • And there are a variety of tips and projects for your blog that range from a quick thought to a entire month project. 

Check it out, but only when you have a lot of time on your hands ’cause you’re gonna be there a while. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “resource: studio 404’s blogging 101

  1. Iris, thank you so much for sharing my post here and for writing such sweet works! This monthly roundup is one of my favorite things to work on every month and I enjoy pulling together resources for all bloggers!


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