DSC_6181Every since I was little, I liked to drive. Race carts, racing games (*cough*  I’m looking at you Mario Cart ), racing movies like Cars. So when I was about eleven, my dad said that when I turned fifteen, I could get my learners permit. Learning to drive was something I knew I was going to do. 

As I got older,I loved the idea of driving even more. Whenever I need something, I could just hop into my car and get it. After school I could go around town with some friends or even pick up groceries for my parents. And Christmas shopping! Boy that would be so much easier. 🙂 I even made a deal with my friends that once I got my license, we would carpool to school ( and they said they won’t be crazy or loud:) )

I have wanted to try doing things on my own for quite a while, shopping and exploring the world on my own. But you know what’s weird? The few times when I have shopped alone I have felt like I needed to do things as fast as possible and get back to my group. I don’t know why! 😦 I can be more brave, I know it but it’s just not like myself.

Freedom is such a tricky area of growing up. College life will probably sunrise you if you aren’t ready in high school. I’ll be starting that four-year journey in a mere five months. Ah! What if I can’t get everything that I need (read: should) do in time?

Leave any advice you have in the comments, it’s much appreciated. 🙂



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