DIY: paper-covered desk.


I own a white desk. Yes I do. And I also love making things. Do you see where I’m going with this? 🙂 After awhile I gave up trying to get rid of every little line. But I also wanted to keep my desk WHITE. I’ve seen heat-proof, water-proof, everything-but-acid-proof sheets from Tim Holtz but I like to be able to do something, like now. So I got rolled out some paper I got from Ikea and taped it onto my desk. Easy peasy. And now I have random notes all over and it works as a great reminder as I’m constantly seeing colors and big ideas in my perifial  peripheral vision.

Just though of this: if you have multi-colored paper (like blocks of color) that would give you a bunch of great backgrounds for photos!

Super quick Diy’s to the rescue.


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