five on friday.

DSC_61721.  I was part of three twitter chats this past weekend. One being the always fun #lbloggers but two new ones: #blogbrunch and #pfchat. I learned so much and I think I’m really getting into it! 🙂

2. One thing that we discussed in the chats was meeting other bloggers in real life. I would love to do this sometime! Any bloggers out there in Seattle?

3. This girl. Found her from the chats and kinda love her attitude.

4. A trip to Shanghai in the future requires me to start planning out what/how to pack a my clothes! I found this helpful post for a 14 day trip in the winter.

5. 101 in 1001 never sounded very appealing to me until I found Becky Bedbug’s post. So many things I want to do now! Maybe not 101 things but definitely a lot. 🙂


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