so these new hair things appeared.

DSC_6287These new hair ties have been all the rage recently so I decided to do a review on them!

First off, these “new” hair ties (I don’t really know what to call them exactly) come in so many colors and looks beautiful in the hair. The ones I got aren’t long enough to tie my hair in a ponytail securely but I think you can get longer ones, depending on where you get them.

Apparently, they can also be used as bracelets! They are quite cute but I wouldn’t recommend wearing more than one of two at a time! 🙂DSC_6282

But most of all, I would recommend to get them at stores like Nordstrom Rack or TJMaxx where you can get a set of five for $5 rather than four for $12 at stores like J. Crew.

Get some for yourself, they don’t leave a kink in your hair either.

p.s. It is bleepin hard to get a good macro picture on a Nikon D40. Seriously.

One thought on “so these new hair things appeared.

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