party hosting: ideas (part 1)

If you read my three next steps post, you’ll know that one of my steps is to host a party with my friends (our classes are split between two high schools) to learn more about socializing, planning ahead, and being confident. To kick start my party inspiration, I went and traveled around the internet to find these awesome, and pretty unique party ideas:wedding-submission-post-draft-163308garden party//i would love to attend one of these, awesome wedding idea right?

epsonlovefest-woodnote-photography-14gift wrapping party//fun chatting and getting things done at the same time! Ah!jojotastic-Cookie-Exchange-Party-2cookie exchange party//whats better than a tray of cookies? a tray of a bunch of different types of cookies! 700x875xGingersnap-Peppermint-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches-003.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8kMI7GgY6Mice cream sandwich party//cookies are great already but add some ice cream in there? Oh it’s just too good!minipinata2piñata making party//you know what i realized? to make an awesome party, just take an fun, simple project and add the word “party” after it!

I’m all excited now! Can’t wait to share with you part dos of this series.

(p.s. all photos are from the link below it.)

This the first post in a four part series on party hosting. You can find part 2, 3, and 4 here, here, and here.


3 thoughts on “party hosting: ideas (part 1)

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