christmas day.

20131225-211108.jpgChristmas Eve (12:00)

“At right Mom and Dad, I’ll give you seven-”

“How about eight?”

(fine.) “Seven and a half hours of sleep, then everyone gets their cozy throws and open presents!”

Christmas morning (after some social media checking)

“Come on, get up! Present time!”

“Few more minutes Iris.” (about like 6 times later)

So around 8:00am, my family finally got up and we opened presents. I got both my parents two gifts, my parents gave each other one, and they also got me three presents. And you know what? I actually was more excited for my parents to open their gifts more than when I opened mine. I know that most people say that giving is better than receiving but it’s always nice to get gifts, right? Well I was proved wrong today, especially when you know that the recipient will LOVE their gift.

Hope you had a happy holidays, now just for New Years!



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