improv writing.

20131225-170045.jpgLet me just put it out there: IMPROVISED WRITING IS HARD.

For the past twenty-four days, I have posted the post I wrote the pervious day.  Seems easy correct? Oh, you don’t how hard it is to come up with a post idea. With an editorial calendar, I have about two weeks to think of an idea. Writing the post the previous night gives me a mere twenty-four hours to come up with an idea. I’m not that interesting. 🙂

It has, though, made me think a lot about my life and how my life (well, my actions ) are or aren’t playing a elephant-sized role in the way my life is going (and how interesting/blog worthy it is). I won’t go crazy and sky dive for an interesting post but I will definitely try to be more out-going, less shy, and “take the harder route” as my dad would say.

I’m one to follow my New Year’s Resolutions if they are simple enough (like Ali Edward’s One Little Word). The above will be my main resolution (well that’s what I’m thinking right now).

What are your resolutions (if you make them), and tell me in the comments! Happy day-after-Christmas! I hear there’s a lot of sales going on. 😉



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