pencils in bottles

20131219-224749.jpgToday is the last day of school for 2013 . Today is also five sleeps away from Christmas.

As I get older, friends give each other more and more for the holidays. Kids don’t give each other anything and teens are getting each other $50 makeup palettes through crowd-funding techniques of “if you pay some of the price, this can be your gift to *blank* too”.

But enough about the content of these gifts, let’s focus on the the most important part: packaging 😉

There at so many packaging ways (printed brown bags, bakers twine, washi tape, dried flowers, using gold letter stickers, labels, putting the gift in a rustic drawstring bag, so many stamps, card or tag?, the list goes on) that when it comes time to wrap the few gifts I’m actually giving, there’s just too much to choose from.

So here’s my rule: is it practical?

20131219-224800.jpgI’d love to embellish and make each gift amazing but if the receiver of the gift is not going to appreciate or even notice it, why waste the awesome materials?

I got my friends bright neon pencils with their names engraved on them. It’s not the most obvious gift for the makeup lover and the reader (although I did include a gift card to sephora and on oyster subscription).

So how do you package pencils? Well thank goddess for long plastic water bottles! I lightly spray painted the inside white, tied a coin envelope (perfect for gift cards) and a tag (from here) onto the neck with bakers twine. Voila. Done.

How do you package odd shaped gifts (besides the classic tissue paper and bag)? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy holidays.



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