Here we are again, right at the beginning of the week. I have a presentation today. After that, a field trip, a concert, and a secret santa exchange. But lets stop talking about the future for a moment and turn our brains to yesterday.

Yesterday, my parents and I went to this little “secret” beach in the park right next to us. There was ice everywhere and the only reason I dared walk on it was because the water underneath (if there was any) was shallower that my rain boots.

Yesterday, I missed Urban Craft Uprising. I’ve gone to the previous three events. I love seeing all the small businesses and creatives.

Yesterday I realize that the mid-season break that television shows have sync up with my school breaks.

Yesterday my cousin gave me enough school supplies that I don’t really have to buy anything next September.

Yesterday I thought of the perfect Secret Santa gift- food!

Yesterday my far-sighted thinking and near-sighted thinking didn’t balance. Actually, they’re never balanced.

Yesterday I thought of what I really wanted (not just for Christmas) and thought “I’m not gonna get that if I keep doing what I’m doing”.



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