why yes, I am doing something special this month


So it seems like a lot of bloggers  are doing blogmas (posting every single day). I already do that (just every weekday) so I thought why not do something similar, but with a twist.

What am I gonna do? Well, instead using a planned calendar, I’m writing all of the posts the night before. 🙂 Not that exciting, I know but I think it would be fun doing improv.

Right now, at 11:00 pm, here’s what I’m thinking about.

  • Invested a big $0.99 on this app, Afterlight. I really love the light leaks. Yeah.
  • i need to go to sleep earlier.
  • stress sucks
  • why doesn’t coffee//caffeine work on me?
  • december daily is awesome. really makes me think more about what I do everyday and the special little things.
  • Sad Back in the Game is only going to be a one-season show.
  • Love my new school sweatshirt.
  • Bye


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