Sitting in the car, driving on a snowy road without anyone around you- that’s something my family loves about winter. Sadly, we don’t get snow much around here. Not only because it’s Seattle but because we live on the waterfront (no, we are not rich or even a little more wealthy than average) and the powdery awesomeness never sticks.

I’m all bundled up these days, but I see others in shorts and a tee, as if summer never ends. I love being cozy though, not to hot, not to cold.

When you look at it, the big white blanket always looks so soft and comfortable. But it stings you if you touch it too long.

I guess it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

And, p.s. it’s incredibly hard to get pictures of my friends without their hands in front of their face. I think I’m going to call this “sneaky selfies”. (me left, friend right)



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