thoughts on photography.


It seems like everyone is taking pictures these days. Anyone with a smartphone is capturing images and sharing them with the world. Memory keeping is-at least to me-on it’s way to an all time high.

I remember taking my first photograph. It was of my grandpa standing in front of my uncle’s minivan. It was so exciting. I loved the idea of being able to almost capture a moment and always have the memories. Recently, my class went on a field trip. We went to see the Photography of Modernist Cuisine exhibit. The pictures were beautiful and down right amazing. But it was the teenagers taking selfies in front of those beautiful, artistic photographs that made me think (no offense to the exhibit; those photos were really, really amazing). Do they even realize that they are recording their lives, telling their future self exactly who you are? Probably not. 

I realized along time ago that I only have today once: I can’t go back in time. I just wish they realized that.



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