last minute halloween costumes

Last minute halloween costume in a last minute post! yeah!

My friend and I are going to the mall, mainly to shop rather than trick or treat but we might do some of that too. 🙂

I don’t know what to wear, but here are some ideas.

Cowboy. Or girl. Seems like everyone during the fall  has a red flannel and riding boots. Why not use them along with some jeans, a belt, and a hat to become a cow boy. Or girl.

Egg. White tee with yellow circle. You might as well scream “I’m here for the food (or candy)!” And if you want to take it a step farther, add some devil horns and maybe a pitchfork to become a deviled egg.

Cat. Duh, right? Some black triangles stuck to a headband and some crazy eye make up should do the trick.

Blue man group. You and your buddies paint your face blue and wear black. Done.

There ya go, now you won’t look unprepared during Halloween. 🙂

photo from here



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