20131027-113117.jpgI’ve taken part in four #lbloggers chats on Twitter and I’ve loved every single one of them. I mean, being able to talk to a HUGE community of people who do the same things as you as are super nice and friendly is pretty awesome. I’ve met a bunch of people who have the most amazing blogs, are incredibly nice, and have an awesome sense of humor. It’s one my favorite parts of the day and I look forward to it every week.

I’ve found that discussing a topic with hundreds of others brings a lot new ideas into my brain that I probably wouldn’t have thought of myself. It’s like going to a gigantic party where you can talk to anyone and not be nervous or anything. You can agree and even make jokes. It’s wrapping yourself in happiness and niceness. It’s pretty awesome, you should join us this weekend.

AND, I use the website twubs.com for twitter chats so I can see all the tweets with the hashtag.


2 thoughts on “#lbloggers

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