emailing big people


It’s scary going up and talking to some famous, amazing person. You get nervous that you’ll somehow fail, even though it’s not possible. In the past, when I owned a terribly unsuccessful business, I would email “big” people to see if I could sponsor them. Often times I would get a “sorry but we’re full for the next year. We’ll contact you when we have an opening though!”.
I got rejected, but that’s okay, I didn’t fail. I didn’t die. 🙂

The feeling after you get a reply is the best. The “big” people or often incredibly nice and nothing to be afraid of.

But the moment when you’re about to press the send button, now that’s scary. It’s like that moment when you dare to walk up to that big person and talk. I get nervous too, so I’m writing this not only to remind you, but myself as well.

Here are something’s to keep yourself composed when writing to someone big.

1) People write hateful comments on the internet because they can hide behind a computer screen. You shouldn’t spam or cyber bully, but hiding behind a computer screen might give you confidence.

Because you’re typing an email rather than saying it on the spot, you can edit and change your words so they’re perfect.

2). So they don’t reply. Or you get rejected . No worries, you didn’t loose anything. Maybe some time, but anything you do spends time.

3) And really, just go for it.


4 thoughts on “emailing big people

  1. Have been loving your posts, Iris! Keep up the good work! I read every day, but have been buried in reports and home renovations. Hope things will soon slow down, and I can actually comment on each post…thanks for sharing!


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