gift ideas.

20131012-135649.jpgSo my friends birthday was last weekend and I had to get her a gift. I won’t tell you exactly what I got her (she occasionally reads this ), but I will give you some ideas.

Here we go!

Something from the past
The “I’ve always wanted” thing
Meet and greet with someone they’ve always wanted to meet.
DIY anything
Opportunity to do something
Piece of something important to them ( old house, rock from favorite trip to Iceland, etc)
A “free” day – no responsibilities at all what so ever
The best selfie ever
A mention from a famous person on twitter.
Mention of birthday on the radio
Solution to a problem that happens too often
Credit for some classes

Is it weird that I can think of someone who would love each gift? 🙂 Packaging and gift wrap is half the fun too! My only tip for that is, if it’s too hard to wrap, but it in a bag.


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