the back-of-the-closet gang.

20131005-192953.jpgIt seems that I only wear 3% of my closet. Why don’t I get rid of them? Because of this:

“Mom, I haven’t worn a lot of things in years, can I donate them or something?”

“No. You should start wearing them. ”

The reason why I don’t wear a lot of what my mom buys me is because I don’t look good in them. You can tell me all day long that I look fantastic but gurl, you aren’t the one wearing them clothes.

I have yet to figure out how to convince my mom to let my get rid of my closet but until then here’s what I’m doing:

Getting basics.

Yep, black tees, big comfy cardigans, and sweaters that can cover up anything.  Or, wear it underneath and break it out when I get to school.

Smart right? Hahaha.



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