20131007-183045.jpgThe first assignment I got this year in Language Arts was to write an introduction letter.

One of the questions was about the future and college and other big decisions. I realized that my mentors were all on the internet. People like Elise, Kelly Purkey, and Joy Cho. They’re pretty awesome and they live the life that I want to live when I grow up.

It’s so weird because I’ve never met them and yet I aspire to be them. What college did they go to? Did they even go to college? There are a bunch of things I wonder about my mentors. They’re actions inspire me to do my own thing, and that’s what I want to do-inspire others. Most are business owners. I started wanting to learn about business ever since I found out there were businesses that did and sold some amazing things.

A lot people who write business articles will that having a mentor is great, they teach you things, help you some problems, and overall just guide you through some of the startup. I’ve always wondered, how do you get a mentor? I guess if you don’t know anyone who owns a successful business, the internet is your best friend.

It’s amazing how little I know about these people, and yet I still want to be them.



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