staying home all day?

20130915-175920.jpgHere’s some tips so you don’t die of uncomfortableness or tiredness by the end of it.

When you’re on the computer, find a place that you’re comfortable in. Like on the couch or somewhere.

Schedule/list what you plan on doing tomorrow. Then, tomorrow only do what you planned on doing. Spend any time left doing something with your family or something you enjoy.

Don’t forget to eat. It’s possible your productivity brain is overpowering your eating brain.

Spend time outside. You need that fresh air and a new setting.

Move around. If you sit one place all day long, you might feel dizzy or something if you stand up too fast. And, its just down right bad for you. Get up!

And side note, I’ve been having a ball playing with the new Rhonna Designs app.



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