twitter job searching

gofightwinI’ve been a blogger for about four years now.

I’ve only just started writing in this blog. I wrote on another one ( and I still try to) but writing about life and crafts didn’t go together.

At the end of August, I decided to go out and look for guest posting opportunities and other sorts of involvement in the blogging community. As you guys know, I got my first guest post the last week of August. It was exciting writing on someone else’s blog. Reminded me of sending an article to a magazine// editor, although the only magazine I ever worked for was a fourth grade class paper (that’s a story for another day!).

Make sure it’s something you can write about. And write the best you can.

After that, I searched the term “looking for bloggers”. I found a lot of businesses asking for review and parental advice. I, as a thirteen year old, would not be able to write about parenting advice or review a handbag especially made to carry around diapers but still look stylish. The posts that anyone could write, topic-wise, were all I could qualify for and that lessened my opportunities by like, 99%. ☺

But patience, people, patience!

I got another post coming in a few weeks (follow on twitter!) and I feel like its gonna get better and better! The things in bold are my tips. As my new (and okay) teacher would say,

Go Fight Win y’all.



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