school supplies.


Last year was the first year I tried to actually buy stuff I really needed for school.

The school sends out a list of recommended supplies but some people have started to ignore it.

One of the main items kids buy is a big 2 inch binder. They carry it everywhere. But for the some of us who ignore the list, we carry around expanding files or 1 inch binders. Either way, they get heavy by the second semester. I thought I was the only person who cleaned out their binder after a quarter but after a teacher talked about it, everyone started doing so as well.

The recommended supplies are as follows:

2 1⁄2 -3 inch binder for core classes
1 1⁄2 inch binder if in a World Language class
Loose leaf paper
Pens (Blue, Black, Red)
Handheld pencil sharpener
Basic calculator (for students in CMP1, 2 or 3)

Here’s what I bought.

Expanding Folder
Colorful pens

Keep in mind I already had paper, pencils, notebooks, and binders from previous years that weren’t used. Also, some teachers have specific supplies they want you to use.

Even if you don’t go to school, buy things you will actually use for you work/office/whatever, don’t just buy what everyone else is buying.


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