etc. // Fireworks


This year, my family and I sat at a different location for the fireworks. We were on the other side of the lake and couldn’t hear any music. But there was good food. (Curly fries!!!!)

The most interesting moment though, is when we saw a big cloud of black smoke. Everyone stood up to see a boat on fire. It was horrifying and yet kinda cool.

There were a few twenty-something year olds sitting in front of us that stood up. After a long time, most people sat down. But they didn’t. We asked them politely to sit down. But they didn’t. There were a bunch of kids behind us that couldn’t see either. We asked again, with a bit of aggressiveness. They finally sat down. But they talk loudly through the show.

It’s people like this that make a fun, exciting event hard to bear.

I hope they become nice people.



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